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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses in Lafayette

Embrace the freedom and clarity of vision with today’s advanced contact lenses. Whether you dream of ditching your glasses, replacing cumbersome bifocals, or enjoying the sun through stylish non-prescription lenses, we tailor a solution just for you.

Our experienced team specializes in fitting and managing even the most unique contact lens needs. We recommend starting with a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens consultation. This allows us to precisely assess your vision, explore your lens options, and ensure a perfect fit for optimal comfort and performance. Wearing contact lenses requires more than just picking a pair off the shelf. Improperly fitted lenses can lead to severe and even irreversible eye damage. That’s why a professional contact lens fitting is crucial for optimal comfort and long-term eye health.

During a fitting, your eye doctor will meticulously measure your eye’s unique curvature and tear film composition. This information is used to determine the perfect lens type, size, and material for your individual needs. They’ll also ensure the lenses sit comfortably on your eyes and don’t disrupt the natural flow of tears.

Let us help you unlock a world of possibilities and experience the transformative power of personalized contact lens solutions.
Schedule a consultation today with our dedicated team of eye doctors and optometrists at Lafayette Family Optometry, serving patients in Lafayette, NY and the surrounding areas.

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